Frequently Asked Questions

Write us an Email, direct message us on Instagram, call/Whatsapp/Viber us or use our contact form on our homepage.

All contact options are listed on our Contact Us Page

We charge per project: The price therefore depends on the size, details and place of the tattoo.

1. First of all, you contact us and we will discuss the concept of your tattoo. You suggest us your ideas, we incorporate them and giving our opinion about the doability.

2. When both sides agree about the appointment, you are sending us a deposit and we will start with your design. Meanwhile we are sending you intermediate results so you can keep track of the progress.(Hint: Your deposit will be inluded with the total price of the tattoo.)

3 Once it’s finished, we set up a date and you finally get your tattoo done: Not only by us, but also by yourself. You and your inspirations will be part of the creating process the whole time.

That’s it. Let’s create together! ?

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